Thursday, February 18, 2010

Global agenda: worth buying?

I get paid soon, and so I'm in the market for some new gamez0rz. Right now I'm contemplating buying

-Shattered horizons
-Global Agenda
-Battlefield Bad Company 2

Right now I'm leaning toward Global Agenda: the catch is that it's only worth buying if i can 4-pack it, which is persuading (or tricking) 3 other friends to buy the game with me at the same time, if I do that, it's only 35$ to buy. The gameplay looks intense........ Dunno. We'll see how it goes, or even if my paycheck will be big enough to afford a new game.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh yeah, I have a blog. lol.

2010 update!!! C:

Hi all, I've decided to start blogging in here. Maybe it'll help me work out some of my stress or something. :)

I am currently a sophomore in college, working on a business administration degree. I'd like to own a gaming store in the future. I've currently been playing a lot of League of Legends and call of duty (mod2). League of legends has been pretty annoying, but I keep playing it cause Ed likes it so much. :/

Since I'm up in des moines with no friends to play games with, it's been pretty lame. But, fortunately I've been able to keep in contact with my friends from KC and from home. I'm really looking forward to this summer when I'll have a RPG group and be able to hang out with my friends and such.