Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New blog? Good. Luck.

I love online blogs, but rarely have the Patience for them. Maybe now that i've got a job at a computerlab, i'll have more time to do stuff like this. Maybe not. :D

my interests:
tabletop gaming (warhammer 40k in the past, warmachine now)
religion (i am an inactive mormon.. long story :p)
not capitalizing letters that should be capitalized.
foreign languages. I know spanish ok, a few bits of german, (mein deutsch lutscht), and i'd like to learn russian and japanese.

my dislikes:
people who judge other people. (yes i dislike my own instincts sometimes)
excerise. lol. no pain no gain tho, right?
not being able to cuddle, as I am currently single. and have been since i moved to college. I'm just not good at meeting people, i think.

I'll post more if i get around to it. And a picture too. Don't hold your breath though. ^^


Binz said...

Hehe nice blog :) Not too much content though... i will be waiting in anticipation!

Binz said...

man, if i was holding my breath, id be dead by now!

Dizkord said...

lollll yeah sorry man, i kinda forgot about this place!